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Error Code: P2B43 or P2B00, how to resolve a jammed print head on the mailstation and mailstation2 Issue The meter displays error code: P2B43 or P2B00. Unplug the power for 1 minute and plug it back in.  If error will not clear, contact customer support.2Press the Menu key. It does not mean that you are out of postage, but you MUST add funds to clear the error. Check the environment where the machine is kept: Is it located near a heater, hot air vent or unusually warm area? http://iipseconline.com/pitney-bowes/pitney-bowes-error-code-320-0.html

Resolution UPDATED : April 08, 2016 Follow these steps to resolve the error: Check your version of PC Meter Connect: Right-click on the PCMC icon in the system trayLeft-click About PC Meter Connect. Error Code 2309 - Random number from the PH PSOC was one of the restricted values. To close it, press down on the green circle nearest to you.13Close machine cover and press Enter/Yes.14Press Enter/Yes: the system will go through a process to install the ink into the print head. Contact Customer Support. Discover More

Pitney Bowes Meter Error Ede00

This page includes the common Error Codes for DM100i™ and DM125™- and provides you with instructions to fix your problem, or at least help you gather the information needed by your If the gold pins on the meter wall are bent, your machine requires further assistance. Error Code 1103 - Your rates data module(s) was not found in memory when initializing the Rate Manager. Error Code 11DA - No postal carriers available in rates data.

Please try the following options instead: Use the site search in the top bar above to see if it?s available elsewhere Use our sitemap Explore Products & Solutions Postage Meters Mailing Error Code DE00 (EDE00) - You have a possible network or communication problem. Resolution UPDATED : March 21, 2016 Press the Clear/Back key. Pitney Bowes Error 11 Communication timeout error.

Error Code 2032 - This error means postage has not been added in over 1 year (365 days). The pins should always be angled downwards. Press Enter/Yes.3Advance the display screen to Install new print head? Press Enter/Yes. 4Open cover.5Press the unlock symbol to open the ink cartridge cover.6Remove the ink cartridge by angling it towards you while lifting. Possible causes: Postage by Phone is not set up to communicate with the meter.

If the error does not clear, reboot the meter. Pitney Bowes System Fault De30 Swing this piece upward and back.8Remove the old print head by lifting one of the black tabs and pulling the print head toward you. Do not discard the print head.9Reposition the print Error Code DE13 - This could be a problem with your postage account or the connection with the PB Data Center. Use the menu button to advance the display screen to Use Ink Functions.

Pitney Bowes Franking Machine Error Codes

Error Code 2544 - PSD communications driver, success but timeout error Communication with the vault failed. Bonuses Environment Details Products affected: mailstation™ or mailstation2™ Downloads No Downloads Still have Questions ? Pitney Bowes Meter Error Ede00 Cause Your meter has experienced an internal error. Pitney Bowes System Fault De1d Error Code 24A3 - This could mean that the print head on your machine is not at the correct temperature.

Error Code 2220 - Something failed previously in the image generator. http://iipseconline.com/pitney-bowes/pitney-bowes-9820-error-code-050.html This might be because: You have typed the web address incorrectly, or the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted. Cause This error is caused by using an version of PC Meter Connect that is below 5.00.0020.0000. It could also mean your print head may be damaged. Pitney Bowes Error Code Ede00

There is a problem with the processor. Restart your system. The cartridge may leak from the bottom -- place it on a napkin.7Press together the two small tabs at the bottom of the ink cartridge holder. this content Restart your system.

Environment Details Products affected: mailstation™ and mailstation2™ Downloads No Downloads Still have Questions ? Pitney Bowes Error Code 2544 Contact Customer Support. Have your model number ready.

A minimum of $1 (or more funds can be downloaded, if necessary) must be added to the meter.

If using PC Meter Connect, it might not be connected or isn't working properly. Restart your system. Legal Privacy Select a location Canada (English) All countries Support Error Code: P2B43 or P2B00, how to resolve a jammed print head on the mailstatio ..... Pitney Bowes Error Code 1811 Here are the steps to follow for a safe restart: Unplug the power cordWait one to three minutesPlug the power cord back in, ensuring that it is plugged directly into a

Live Chat Software Support Client Service Create a Case NA Rates and Software Updates Rates and Software Updates LATEST USPSANNOUNCEMENTS Price, Zone, rate chartsand other changes UPDATE YOUR PRODUCT For meters, All rights reserved. Restart your system. have a peek at these guys It will not work properly until IG_Powerup is called again.

Remove anything that may be blocking ventilation. This might be because: You have typed the web address incorrectly, or the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted. Restart your system. Error Code 011B - You have an internal software error.

Error Code: P2B4C, How to resolve on the mailstation and mailstation2 Issue The meter displays error code P2B4C and may not print. This may be a communication problem between components. Please have your model number ready. Restart your system.

Cause The print head has jammed. Your system failed to detect the Postal Security Device (PSD). Make sure you have funds available in your postage account or that you are within your Purchase Power credit limit Reboot the mailing system and attempt to update the meter or