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this lets us upgrade the phpmailer file without having to remember to comment out the echo statements each time we upgrade. I'd be really grateful for any pointers anyone can give me. We added the IP addresses of our mail exchangers to the 'Configure Remote Service IPs' section for good measure, but it did not seem to affect the outcome one way or Similar Threads - mail() funtion php php mail() error: Undefined subroutine &main::maskdir Jim Huang, May 29, 2016, in forum: E-mail Discussions Replies: 6 Views: 617 cPanelMichael Jun 15, 2016 Warning: mail() navigate here

if(!$mail->Send()) { echo "Mailer Error: " . $mail->ErrorInfo; } else { echo "Message sent!"; } share|improve this answer answered Feb 24 '10 at 9:24 fire 12.6k104695 Actually I think default: ... The following error types cannot be handled with a user defined function: E_ERROR, E_PARSE, E_CORE_ERROR, E_CORE_WARNING, E_COMPILE_ERROR, E_COMPILE_WARNING, and most of E_STRICT raised in the file where set_error_handler() is called. Execution of the script is not halted E_USER_NOTICE - Default.

Php Mail Error Reporting

PHP Error Handling When creating scripts and web applications, error handling is an important part. Carrying Metal gifts to USA (elephant, eagle & peacock) for my friends What kind of bugs do "goto" statements lead to? all mail() does is add the message to the queue(using sendmail or whatever you set in php.ini) there is no reliable way to check if the message has been sent in share|improve this answer edited Oct 30 '12 at 7:25 answered Oct 30 '12 at 7:08 Prince-W 372 3 You should append $mail->ErrorInfo to the else case to display errors. –Westy92

If you want to track true success failure try using SMTP with a mail library like Swift Mailer, Zend_Mail, or phpmailer. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How can I get the error message for the mail() function? PHP WebDevGuy 2007-07-18 20:28:31 UTC #1 The manual says that mail() returns a boolean. Php Mail Not Sending No Error Example In this example an error occurs if the "test" variable is bigger than "1": =1) { trigger_error("Value must be 1 or below"); } ?> The output

Top 10 Tutorials HTML Tutorial CSS Tutorial JavaScript Tutorial W3.CSS Tutorial Bootstrap Tutorial SQL Tutorial PHP Tutorial jQuery Tutorial Angular Tutorial XML Tutorial Top 10 References HTML Reference CSS Reference JavaScript Php Mail Returns False No Error Before someone complains I'll add that I do not care that I am using globals, this file is part of my mini framework and without the 'config' variable the application would You can create a $debug variable that, if set to true, we'll bypass the process of emailing you the error, and will, instead, echo the error onto the page. How can I copy and paste text lines across different files in a bash script?

Words that are both anagrams and synonyms of each other tr command has no effect when used in $() and saved in a variable A penny saved is a penny Why Phpmailer Error up vote 8 down vote sending mail in php is not a one-step process. You don't want to email yourself errors when debugging. up vote 21 down vote favorite 2 Does anyone know how can I catch mail error (error display while sening email and the error is caused by the mailserver down) in

Php Mail Returns False No Error

Values sent by ajax 0 Check if the mail is queued in server with mail() function 1 how to find when mail() failed 1 Send email using xampp Related 369How to Get More Information cPResources: Support Options | More Support Options | Forums Search | cPanel.net Site Search | Mailing Lists(Alt) | Docs -- Tristan, Technical Analyst III, Forums Specialist, cPanel Tech Support Submit a Php Mail Error Reporting errcontext The fifth parameter is optional, errcontext, which is an array that points to the active symbol table at the point the error occurred. Php Error_get_last Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Error handling with PHPMailer up vote 25 down vote favorite 10 I'm trying to use PHPMailer for a small project, but I'm check over here TeX capacity exceeded with beamer Human vs apes: What advantages do humans have over apes? How to make Twisted geometry "Have permission" vs "have a permission" How do I "install" CentOS? Hot Network Questions What is a tire speed rating and is it important that the speed rating matches on both axles? Multiple Or Malformed Newlines Found In Additional_header

We will show different error handling methods: Simple "die()" statements Custom errors and error triggers Error reporting Basic Error Handling: Using the die() function The first example shows a simple script on file uploads) the custom error handler cannot be called since it is not registered at that time. The full logs won't be very meaningful, which is why you would exigrep for the exact email account: Code: exigrep [email protected] /var/log/exim_mainlog This is the previously provided command you would use. his comment is here more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Are there any historically significant examples? Mail(): Multiple Or Malformed Newlines Found In Additional_header Examples Example #1 Error handling with set_error_handler() and trigger_error() The example below shows the handling of internal exceptions by triggering errors and handling them with a user defined function: But if can use exception model, use it as @Phil Rykoff answer.

What's difference between these two sentences? Useful Searches Recent Posts Resources Resources Quick Links Search Resources Most Active Authors Latest Reviews Feature Requests Defects Menu Log in Sign up The Community Forums Interact with an entire community By using the error_log() function you can send error logs to a specified file or a remote destination. $mail->errorinfo However, simply stopping the script is not always the right way to go.

Browse other questions tagged php email or ask your own question. Of particular note is that this value will be 0 if the statement that caused the error was prepended by the @ error-control operator. There is only a true or false returned on whether the email was accepted for delivery. weblink I suggest opening a support ticket so we can check further: Submit A Ticket You can post the ticket number here so we can share the solution when it's resolved.

set_error_handler('nettuts_error_handler'); // Trigger an error... (var doesn't exist) echo $somevarthatdoesnotexist; Conclusion If you decide to set your own error handlers, make sure that you: Determine whether or not to die() and Parameters error_handler A callback with the following signature. I can't find the exim logs - var isn't listed when I click on File Manager, and I looked round but couldn't see it anywhere else. error_types Can be used to mask the triggering of the error_handler function just like the error_reporting ini setting controls which errors are shown.

Its not throwing an exception, its just printing out the error, which in my test case is: invalid address: @[email protected] You must provide at least one recipient email address. Build faster with pre-coded PHP scripts. See table below for possible error report levels error_message Required. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

share|improve this answer answered Jul 7 '15 at 15:33 PhoneixS 3,43931837 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote We wrote a wrapper class that captures the buffer and converts the If you need a code snippet for this, just let us know! errfile The third parameter is optional, errfile, which contains the filename that the error was raised in, as a string. Sending error messages to yourself by e-mail can be a good way of getting notified of specific errors.

In other words, errcontext will contain an array of every variable that existed in the scope the error was triggered in. for example spam blocklists. –The Surrican Feb 6 '11 at 14:52 add a comment| up vote -2 down vote Best would be to use a library like Swift Mailer that throws how can I ignored or throw this "Failed to connect to mailserver" error message from my page heading? share|improve this answer answered Jul 6 '10 at 13:56 prodigitalson 47.9k36485 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Try this.

Powered by W3.CSS. Provide some level of feedback for the user. I haven't mentioned email settings anywhere in my code, as I don't know whether I need to. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed