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This issue has been fixed in Pervasive.SQL V8 and later releases. In Win95 : the amount of retries may be increased editing the registry in : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\MSTCP MaxConnectRetries = Data Type: DWORD Valid Range: 32-bit number This specifies the number of times The first thing to check is, if you are running win95, that there is not a line with lastdrive=Z in your config.sys If this does not solve your problem, see the An example would be: LOAD NSSMOUNT ALLSYS:ETC\INITSYS.NCF MGRSTART or BSTART Embedded spaces configuration setting is "on." "On" is the default starting with Pervasive PSQL v9. Source

However, if the file is in v6.x or later format and the file is shared via MEFS mode, the MicroKernel opens a second handle for the associated .LCK file. So, if the intent is to move the dictionaries to another server on the same network, one way would be to delete the named database on the old server before creating Btrieve 6.15 systems In Btrieve 6.15 installations (which includes XP Pro, Windows 7, Windows 8 and corresponding server versions), a file open error such as one of the following may be For Win 7 and above, users may have to be given local administrator privileges in addition to setting the icon properties to "run as administrator" (see below) unless two default registry http://docs.pervasive.com/products/database/psqlv11/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm

Pervasive Error 94

Perform a Get or Step operation to establish the current position. If this status code occurred during an Open operation or a DROP TABLE statement, the application attempted to open a file that has an owner name assigned to it. Also, the data buffer may not be large enough to accommodate the length of data required for operations such as Create, Create Index, Stat, Get By Percentage, Find Percentage, or Version. The user will need to be placed into a power user/administrative group* on the local workstation to resolve.

For the recovery solution for this instance, refer to Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 190162, "Terminal Server and the 2048 Open File Limitation." 012: The MicroKernel cannot find the specified file Check that Here's the current version on-line: http://docs.pervasive.com/products/database/psqlv11/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm#href=codes/1statcod.1.1.htmlThis may have newer codes than you will get with the older PSQL version, but anything from the older version is brought forward and either ammended For a Find Percentage operation that is seeking a percentage based on a record's physical location within the file, the specified record address is invalid. Btrieve It is often difficult to diagnose exactly what is causing the problem, but there are some actions that can be taken to help prevent it.

Correct the buffer length or the number of records. 064: The filter limit has been reached The MicroKernel returns this status code for the following reasons: During a Get Next Extended, For information about how to do this, refer to Pervasive PSQL User's Guide. 076: There is a conflict on the referenced file An application attempted to perform an Update, Insert, or In addition, the file is locked from any attempts to change the file structure, such as modifying keys and so forth. 086: The file table is full An application may receive http://www.goldstarsoftware.com/whitepapers-pervasive-errors.asp Right-click MicroKernel Router then click Properties.

In almost all cases, Btrieve status 95s are caused by a problem in the communications on your network. This will remove any read only attributes on any of the Scala files. Btrieve for DOS returns this status code if it receives an error from the Expanded Memory Manager. Click Application Characteristics in the Properties tree.

Pervasive Error Code 94 While Accessing Registration.dat File

Check to see if the ~pvsw~.loc in that directory is flagged read only. http://www.nomad.ee/nomad/btrieve/errors/index.shtml The length of the entire key (all segments) is so large that less than 4 keys fit on a key page. Pervasive Error 94 Point your phone or browser to http://m.goldstarsoftware.com to get started now! Pervasive Sql Syntax Files created using an earlier file format, or with Pervasive.SQL 7, or with TRUENULLCREATE set to Off, do not have true null support and do not have this limitation. 027: The

If a key has multiple segments, the duplicate, modifiable, and null attributes should be the same for each segment in the key. http://iipseconline.com/pervasive-error/pervasive-error-171.html In rare situations, users have received error 65516 which also appears to be linked to a certain Btrieve DLL's no longer being present (for example if the 6.15 wbtrv32.dll installed in This is an informative status code. The first page of the file may be damaged. Pervasive Sql 10 Free Download

Check the file= setting in CONFIG.NT. See Create Index (31) in Btrieve API Guide, which is part of the Pervasive PSQL Software Development Kit (SDK). You may have a Status 12 returned and see X$FILE.DDF for the file name in your DDFs. http://iipseconline.com/pervasive-error/pervasive-error.html The number of segments specified in the data buffer exceeds the limit for maximum segments.

However the MicroKernel encounters an error from the operating system when it tries to create and open the new extension file. Return to top Status 5 This status code indicates that the MKDE cannot update the record because the record has a key field that contains a duplicate key value. Resolution 2, from the Pervasive Knowledge Base Multithreaded app fails to restart MKDE Problem Description: Multithreaded app fails to restart MKDE Problem reproduced with test program which has two threads running.

To resolve this condition, at the client workstation, open Pervasive PSQL Control Center (see "Starting PCC on Windows" on page 3-3 on page 3-3 in Pervasive PSQL User's Guide).

This is set in the file btrieve.cfg, which can be found in the scala root directory. Nullable Columns Note that nullable columns must also be considered. If the error persists, there may be system corruption; try to clear the system by rebooting, and then try the operation again. 080: The MicroKernel encountered a record-level conflict The MicroKernel You attempted to open a local file with a Workgroup engine that isn't the designated Gateway engine for the file.

Blog Archive ► 2016 (12) ► September (1) ► August (1) ► July (1) ► June (1) ► May (3) ► April (1) ► March (1) ► February (2) ► January For example, 512 is rounded up to 1,024, 2,560 is rounded up to 4,096, and so forth. 3The maximum number of index segments that can be used with the relational interface Wed, 23 Oct, 2013 at 12:06 PM Database Error 3 "The file is not open" This error occurs when the Pervasive client has trouble connecting to the necessary file. Check This Out Also, you cannot use the null or manual key attributes in a key-only file.

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