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Peripheral Error Code 11006


Therefore, both calls appear on the Controller's Call Appearance grid. This is always the case in the Encore Release. Both EAS and non-EAS versions maintain a list of preconfigured agent groups. When a call is active, the Inside and Outside controls must be unavailable. have a peek at this web-site

teld_universal_failure Traces universal failure errors and their peripheral error codes (text also) that occur in the telephony driver layer. can cause potential convergence problems. The soft phone receives no notification that the call has been connected off-switch, and thus the application requires manual intervention from the agent (who heard a dial-tone, a ring, or an Overview Related Products A-Z Tools Categories Library Characterization Tools Virtuoso Liberate Characterization Solution Virtuoso Variety Statistical Characterization Virtuoso Liberate LV Library Validation Solution Virtuoso Liberate MX Memory Characterization Solution Virtuoso Liberate http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/voice-unified-communications/unified-contact-center-enterprise/26142-error-codes.html

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To end the call, Agent A completes the conference and Agent B completes the transfer. For example, the Unified ICM concept of a service is very similar to the Aspect concept of an application. When you log in with EAS, the agent is automatically logged in to all preconfigured Agent groups. Reply Cancel Community Guidelines The Cadence Design Communities support Cadence users and technologists interacting to exchange ideas, news, technical information, and best practices to solve problems and get the most from

The connection ID in the agent object is invalid (method "BargeInCall" class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13114 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SUPERVISECALL_ INVALID_AGENT_ CONNECTION2 JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Bad Connection ID. This chapter provides the following information: Peripheral-specific equivalents for some common Unified ICM terms A list of Unified ICM features that some peripherals do not support A table of CTI call The check command-line utility allows you to view all known Cisco CallManager PG error codes. Ipcc Error 20999 Callmanager - Unknown Callmanager Failure On Operation Note: This chart lists only the PIM-specific flags and does not include those standard to all PIMs.

Consultative Transfer to a supervisor is not supported. IPCC error codes The following table provides a brief description of the error message and what they indicate. An operation exceeded the time limit that was configured/allocated for that operation. 20002 PERERR_CM_NO_ACTIVE_ DEVICE_ FOR_THIRDPARTY CallManager – Undescribed Error. 20003 PERERR_CM_EXISTING_ FIRSTPARTY CallManager – Line was specified that was not Learn More Community Blogs BlogsExchange ideas, news, technical information, and best practices.

The Transfer button is not enabled after an off-switch consult. Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid AGENT_PRECALL_EVENT and AGENT_PRECALL_ABORT_EVENT are particular to IPCC. The routine run in object ThreadConferenceCall got a null call returned from "createcall". 13049 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD CONFERENCECALL_ EXCEPTION_ADDPARTY JTAPI Gateway – Error on CONFERENCE operation. Got an exception on a call to "generateDTMF" (method "run" in class ThreadSendDTMF). 13093 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SENDDTMF_ INVALID_CONNECTION JTAPI Gateway – Error on SEND DTMF operation – Invalid Connection ID.

Ctios Failure Code 10

opcrequest Traces all the Open Peripheral Controller (OPC)Request table manipulations. This attempt failed' 3rd Level Text = '' 10103 PERERR_TELDRIVE_AGENTAVAILORWORK 1st Level Text = 'The requested function cannot be performed since the agent is AVAILABLE or in a CALL WORK State' Cisco Finesse Error Codes Help solve this error! Ipcc Error 20999 jtapi_dialed_number_registration Traces messages that have to do with peripheral monitors and directory number (DN) callback registration.

To fix this issue, a Spectrum-specific registry key has been added that provides a timeout interval for the Login request. Check This Out In a single-step/blind transfer of a call, the initial call must come in over a trunk (be a CCT call) and the dialed number must go to a CCT. Your cache administrator is webmaster. The community is open to everyone, and to provide the most value, we require participants to follow our Community Guidelines that facilitate a quality exchange of ideas and information. Finesse Error Code Cti-32

The connection ID is invalid' 3rd Level Text = '' 10135 PERERR_TELDRIVE_UNKNOWNAGENTID 1st Level Text = 'Unknown agent id specified' 2nd Level Text = 'The agent id specified on the LOGIN Table 8Error code description Return Value/ Code Error Message Description -1 PERERR_UNKNOWN Unknown Peripheral Error. This could indicate either an internal error or a configuration error' 3rd Level Text = '' 10126 PERERR_TELDRIVE_NODIALEDNUMBERFORID_AT 1st Level Text = 'No dialed number for the dialed number ID specified Source The Unified CM Shared line feature (agents share the same extension) is not supported.

These are configured in Unified ICM and downloaded by the agent desktop upon startup. Finesse Error Code Cti-22 Last post on 27 Sep 2010 5:14 AM by Andrew Beckett. PERERR_CM Cisco Unified Communications Manager generated the error.

This is a serious logic condition and should be reported/resolved. 10004 PERERR_TELDRIVE_ NOINSTRUMENTFOR EXTENSION The extension number specified is not associated with any known instrument.

Got an exception on a call to "consult" (method "CreateConsultCall" in class ThreadEscapeService). 13070 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD ESCAPESERVICE_ EXCEPTION_CONSULT2 JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISOR (escape) operation. Probable cause is one of the call legs was hung up or disconnected from the far end. 20015 PERERR_CM_HOLDFAILED CallManager – Hold was rejected by line control or call control. 20017 The routine run in object ThreadConferenceCall got an exception (not of type CiscoJTapiException) on a call to "conference" for the HELD call. 13052 PERERR_GW_E_ THREADCONFERENCECALL_ EXCEPTION_CONSULT JTAPI Gateway – Error on Error 10150 Agent Is Already Logged In The agent team specified in the agent object cannot be found.

An instrument with the number specified cannot be found for any instrument. When an agent logs in, a skill group must be specified. Full-Flow Digital Solution Related Products A-Z Tools Categories Block Implementation Tools Innovus Implementation System First Encounter Design Exploration and Prototyping Equivalence Checking Tools Conformal Equivalence Checker Functional ECO Tools Conformal ECO have a peek here This attempt failed' 3rd Level Text = '' 10102 PERERR_TELDRIVE_AGENTALREADYSIGNEDON 1st Level Text = 'The agent is already LOGGED ON' 2nd Level Text = 'An attempt was made to login an

teld_config_error Traces configuration errors in the telephony driver layer. The call specified is not a controlled call. 13082 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD HOLDCALL_ EXCEPTION_HOLD JTAPI Gateway – Error on HOLD operation – Exception. jtapi_gw_session Traces connection attempts by the JTAPI gateway. On an Avaya DEFINITY ECS running in EAS mode, each skill group may have multiple subgroups depending on the switch configuration.

Generated Mon, 24 Oct 2016 02:46:34 GMT by s_wx1196 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection The connection specified in the active connection is not in the TALKING state. 13046 PERERR_GW_E_ THREADCONFERENCECALL_ BAD_ACTIVE_CONNECTION JTAPI Gateway – Error on CONFERENCE operation – ACTIVE connection not found. 13047 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD Generated Mon, 24 Oct 2016 02:46:34 GMT by s_wx1196 (squid/3.5.20) The routine run in object ThreadConsultationCall got an exception on a call to "createCall". 13061 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD CONSULTATIONCALL_ EXCEPTION_SET CONFERENCEENABLE JTAPI Gateway – Error on CONSULT operation.

An attempt was made to log in an agent that is already logged in. This indicates either a configuration or internal error' 3rd Level Text = '' 10128 PERERR_TELDRIVE_NOSKILLGROUPS 1st Level Text = 'CONFIG Error - Cannot Log in - No Skill groups defined for The ACD gives a NOT_READY state to Unified ICM, but the switch rejects a request to set WalkAway to Not_Ready. PositionId in this case is an indication of the physical device (phone).

The agent performing the transfer must carry out a swap, or alternate between the primary key (ACD or DN) and the secondary key of transfer. The action specified was not CLEAR, BARGE_IN or INTERCEPT' 2nd Level Text = '' 3rd Level Text = '' 13110 PERERR_GW_E_THREADSUPERVISECALL_INVALID_ACTIVE_CONNECTION 1st Level Text = 'JTAPI Gateway - Error on SUPERVISE The call ID in the agent object is invalid (method "BargeInCall" class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13112 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SUPERVISECALL_ INVALID_AGENT_CALLID2 JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Bad Call ID. jtapi_gw_heartbeat Displays heartbeat messages sent and received by the JTAPI client from the gateway process.

The Swap feature is not supported when CTI OS is used with the Symposium.